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Re: Up With Big Ads, Down With Pop-Ups
Posted by: ECT News 2001-07-30 23:22:52
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Memo to online advertisers: Keep pushing the envelope, as long as it's in the right
direction. Yes, you're going to make some people unhappy as you take up more of the screen
with your Web ads. But even with larger advertising in place, the ads on the Internet are
still a far less intrusive than television ads that hit viewers smack in the middle of
a show.

Besides, those same people complaining about the ads aren't ready to pay for content, so
bring on the ads. Just make sure they don't pop up.

Re: Up With Big Ads, Down With Pop-Ups
Posted by: Richard 2001-07-31 00:06:41 In reply to: ECT News
Regan hit the nail right on the head this time!

I refuse to re-visit any site that throws unwanted (they all are) pop-up ads in my face. Pop-up ads are cheap insults to the intelligence of internet users.

I'm only here writing this message right now because the NewsFactor sites have not stooped to throwing pop-ups at me.

When I come across a "regular" (I believe they are referred to as "user-initiated," non-pop-up) banner ad that has a message that interests me or sparks my curiosity, I click on it, or not, at my own will. Regardless of whether or not I grab my mouse and make that click, I am more likely to remember the advertiser and the product or service they offer in a positive light. I think they call that "branding." Either way, I am not offended by regular banner ads.

Heck, like Regan alluded to, I'd much rather have the choice of acknowledging an ad (or not), than to have pay a subscription fee for all of the content that is currently free to me because of the revenue web sites generate from advertising.

I've read about some studies showing that pop-up ads produce high click rates. They must be counting the clicks on that "X" that's located in the upper right hand corner of the pop-up window, you know, the one that closes the window. I'm clicking on them 100% of the time.

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