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Re: Yahoo! Defends Auction Listing Fees
Posted by: ECT News 2001-03-15 01:26:51

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After a week of being dogged in the press over its declining number of
auction listings, Yahoo! released numbers Thursday indicating that
remaining users now have a better chance of selling their merchandise.

Yahoo! Auctions senior producer Brian Fitzgerald told the E-Commerce
Times that in the month since Yahoo! began charging listing fees,
a seller's chance of vending merchandise had increased by 550 percent.
The figures released by Yahoo! may help minimize the impact of news
that Yahoo's auction listings had declined by up to 86 percent.

Re: See ya YAHOO!
Posted by: JOE 2001-03-17 21:02:34 In reply to: ECT News
Quick, tell me what auction you are getting sales at and is free.

See ya YAHOO!
Posted by: sayonara 2001-03-15 15:53:44 In reply to: ECT News
Yahoo is awful, nothing is that great now that there are fees. They are a group of cons. Why not charge a rate for by month as an example. Too much for EACH listing. Many don't sell until they are re-submitted. Good bye Yahoo. Have found just as nice a auction service for no rate, and yes have been making sales there as well.

Re: Yahoo! Defends Auction Listing Fees
Posted by: Good-bye Yahoo! 2001-03-15 15:43:09 In reply to: ECT News
Hi, Yahoo is awful to start charging such fees on each listing. I agree, if they are going to charge make it a small fee per say 6 month period. When you go to Yahoo now, you do not find as many items available to your interest because way more than half the sellers have left to find better free auction sites. Recently have gone to and Both as nice a service as yahoo ever provided and still selling at a free rate. They say their sellers are selling better, that's because they can be found easier because there are not as many listings as there used to be thanks to the charging of fees. Guess you don't need to believe everything you hear when it comes from Yahoo. Good ridance to you are not needed!

Re: Yahoo! Defends Auction Listing Fees
Posted by: Tiffee Jasso 2001-03-15 02:36:28 In reply to: ECT News
Hello we sell on EBAY and have for three years and recently expanded to include
EPIER. We also have our own dot com site and had just started to list with Yahoo,
when they decided to "raise-the-rent," so to speak. I immediately sent several e-mails
asking Yahoo to charge only on items sold or at least a one time listing fee until
item sold as only about one in 50 items ever really sold, but was told they were
improving the quality of their auctions. I noticed a couple of weeks later, when I
went in to check out the auction site, up popped a photo of a nude woman titled
"18 Year Old" on the front page under the category "Hot Items." Now I knew what
they meant by "quality merchandise." My toys and collectibles seemed kind tame
compared to that auction and it had bids so I guess Yahoo is making money. So I
leave Yahoo to sell porno, definitely not my field of expertise, but have to laugh each
time I recall what my son had to say as we watched the auction numbers dwindle.
"Instead of YAHOO, soon they will be saying YOOHOO, anybody out there?
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