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Re: Tech Sector Layoffs: Not What You Think
Posted by: ECT News 2001-03-14 22:05:08

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Despite the common perception that the recent wave of
technology layoffs is due to companies being unable to make payroll,
it appears that is not necessarily the case.

While some embattled dot-coms and tech companies are certainly at the end of
their financial ropes, others have quite different reasons for trimming
the workforce. In this special report, the E-Commerce Times takes a look
at the storm of worker layoffs across the tech sector to find out what lies at the

Re: Tech Sector Layoffs: Not What You Think
Posted by: Jaime Vega 2001-03-19 13:23:48 In reply to: ECT News
Some of these companies haven't learned from experience. There should be other ways to save money,jobs and the economy.
Job sharing?
Reduce hours Monday through Thursday?
Reduce overtime.
Reduce expense reports.
Reduce workers Comp.
Ask employees to chip in and brainstorm for new ideas.
Hi tech execs-you'll be hiring some workers this year-some of your ex-employees may not return-they may be working in another industry using the skills you taught them.
Or you'll be training some new people-in other words you'll be starting over and paying recruiter's vacations and their kids college tuition.

Re: Tech Sector Layoffs: Not What You Think
Posted by: jack 2001-03-28 20:18:03 In reply to: Jaime Vega
it does not reflect the future of dot com companies .

please let us know , what do they think about the next month's projection !!

Ultimately, Wall Street is responsible
Posted by: Just Me 2001-03-14 22:09:54 In reply to: ECT News
Yep, the laid-off workers are gone to please stock holders in the short run.

Like the article says, the companies will later incur the cost of re-filling those positions and training replacements.

This is another reason that being privately held can have a big advantage.

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