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Re: Enterprises Reach for the Cloud
Posted by: Michael Liedtke 2008-12-28 14:48:16
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Todd Pierce recently put his job on the line. To meet the computing needs of 16,300 employees and contractors at Genentech, Pierce took a chance and decided not to rely entirely on business software from Microsoft, IBM or another long-established supplier that would have let Genentech own the technology. Instead, Pierce decided to rent these indispensable products from Google. The Internet search and advertising leader will run Genentech's e-mail, as well as some word processing, spreadsheet and calendar applications, and it will do it over an online connection.

Cloud Computing
Posted by: jbonay 2008-12-28 21:27:11 In reply to: Michael Liedtke
I'm interested in acquiring a CRM solution and am attracted to the open source Sugar CRM Pro or Enterprise. Can anyone enlighten me about how it might compare with Salesforce.com or other comparable alternatives. Thanks!

Enterprises Reach for the Cloud
Posted by: Adler 2008-12-28 15:38:05 In reply to: Michael Liedtke
Hi All,

I find all this "marketing" terms fascinating. First there was Web 2, all those blogs e.g. Facebook, etc. - "Social" networking is the term.

Now, the "Cloud", I've been running Blogs, Web Sites, saving e-mails from one address (GMail) and another e-mail address at another - my hosted server.

I back up all my password / bookmark settings using another (Cloud) source Firefox. At the time that I started all this fun was running Linux as my OS about 6 -7 years ago. I think that I've been looking to put a few things into the "Cloud" now and have been successful.

As I inch along, running my openSuSE 11.0 system I really have to wonder what the big guys have to offer versus me, the little guy. I just run a Linux Desktop, have run LAMP stacks to test Web Sites, and have installed SAMBA to move things between my Microsoft and Linux set-ups.

I tri-booted OS systems, and have used virtualation long before that was the last marketing term.

I've been in the "Cloud" long before most with Linux. LOL!

It seems the IT industry has fallen behind the opportunistic days, and now must depend upon marketing terms without any clear computing advantage. Heck, I can do it all from my notebook / server.
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