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Re: EU Tackles Online Consumer Confidence
Posted by: ECT News 2001-03-26 20:08:17

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Consumer confidence in e-commerce took center stage Friday and Saturday
when the European Commission (EC) met in Stockholm,
Sweden to discuss the "eEurope 2002 Action Plan."

Acknowledging that "business and citizens in the European Union
have been slower in embracing this New Economy than [those] in the
United States," the EC said that e-commerce in the EU
is handicapped by this lack of consumer trust.

Re: EU Tackles Online Consumer Confidence
Posted by: Sami Nummela 2001-03-26 20:14:02 In reply to: ECT News
EU cross-border e-commerce is not only hampered by consumer trust or lack of clearness on dispute settlement, but also by:

- multitude of languages and cultures
- lack of uniform payment and delivery system
- high cost of fast Internet connections

Sami Nummela

Re: EU Tackles Online Consumer Confidence
Posted by: Lara 2001-03-27 21:03:46 In reply to: Sami Nummela
I do not agree that so much emphasis is placed on consumer fear as the major setback in e-commerce growth. Consumers run the risk of falling victim to fraud in every aspect of their lives. Encryption is also being widely adopted by service providers to enhance security and legislation can also to some extent offer a degree of consumer protection (UK Consumer Credit Act 1974)

Re: EU Tackles Online Consumer Confidence
Posted by: Jeff 2001-03-27 09:57:44 In reply to: Sami Nummela
I agree completely that there's more hampering EC's growth in Europe than just lack of consumer confidence.

But won't the Euro solve the issue of a uniform payment method? At the very least, it ought to solve the exchange rate issue.

Re: EU Tackles Online Consumer Confidence
Posted by: Chris Young 2001-03-27 02:57:31 In reply to: Sami Nummela
As far as the UK is concerned the biggest barrier seems to be a lack of confidence in using credit cards online.

Services like the new from Securicor should help to combat these fears but will this be enough?

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