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Re: YouTube's E-Commerce Play: Watch It, Click It, Buy It
Posted by: Jeff Meisner 2008-10-08 15:52:05
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Search engine giant Google has taken yet another step in its effort to monetize YouTube, the online video portal it acquired for $1.65 billion about two years ago. Now, YouTube users can click on advertisement links leading them to products offered for sale at online outlets like Apple's iTunes store and Amazon.com. Here's how it works: Say you're watching a Feist music video and get the sudden urge to own the song. Beneath the usual rate and share options, you'll find direct links to Amazon.com and iTunes where you can purchase a download.

Music execs don't get it
Posted by: ddevin 2008-10-08 16:16:55 In reply to: Jeff Meisner
The music business executives just dont get it. I've made over half of my music purchases in the past year as CD's purchased via Pandora. If it were not for Pandora, I would not have even heard of many of the artists. And now the music execs are trying to put the online service out of business with business prevention fees... The music industry is getting free marketing of their products, along with fulfillment & distribution via the Pandora's linkage to Amazon. In my business, you have to pay others to market your product... BAM - that was the sound of another music exec shooting himself in the foot with their clueless ideas on leveraging fees that prevent business. Will the same thing happen to YouTube?

YouTube Story
Posted by: sbroomfield 2008-10-08 16:08:59 In reply to: Jeff Meisner
Well, an OK shot for the first time out. A little too intrusive and not very relevant, but a start none the less.

There are about six or so smaller companies, like our's (www.veeple.com), doing things that are much further along, but such is the case with technology and innovation.

At least Google is trying to think about how to make money for the YouTube poster and themselves.
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