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Re: MS Holds Fire Sale for Xbox HD DVD Add-On
Posted by: Walaika Haskins 2008-02-08 14:47:06
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With a marked lack of fanfare, Microsoft lowered the price of its Xbox 360 add-on HD DVD player from $179 to $129. Microsoft has also bundled five free HD DVDs with the player. The price cut comes just a few weeks after Toshiba dropped the price on its three HD DVD standalone players to $149 from $299. That move followed a Warner Bros. announcement that the movie studio would distribute films on the Sony-backed Blu-ray format exclusively. At this point, it might appear that HD DVD's price cuts are the final, desperate twitches of a doomed format.

Re: MS Holds Fire Sale for Xbox HD DVD Add-On
Posted by: coachdrivr 2008-02-10 17:48:44 In reply to: Walaika Haskins
I think that they need to slash the prices of the add on to about $69 to $79 to stay competitive to blu ray. They are still above the price of the Playstation 3 when you have to purchase both items. To me this will get them no place. I have 2 HD DVDplayers and love them , but they are gonna lose the war on this if they do not do something drastic soon. They keep saying that Blu ray is winning due to movie sales, but remember one thing is that even though warner bros is still offering the HD DVD versions , they are running them 1 month behind of the blu ray releases and that is hurting. I have to say that universal and Paramount and Dreamworks and the ones that run the HD DVD vids are not big lately in good releases. It seems that everything is WARNER bros lately. Microsoft you need to make a big jump with the push and try negotiations with some of the big crporations that are making blu ray only at this point. Or make an add on for blu ray to plug into the USB port on the HD DVD PLAYERS because it looks bleek for the long run.
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