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Re: PayPal Gets Itself Into Hot Water
Posted by: ECT News 2001-07-13 14:25:13
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Online payment service PayPal is at the center of two controversies, including a new
lawsuit filed by NoBidding, the owner of auction site

The lawsuit accuses PayPal of reneging on an agreement made in December to provide
Bidville -- formerly known as AuxPal -- with its payment services. The suit also alleges
that PayPal sent libelous messages to AuxPal customers stating that the site was a fraud.

Re: PayPal Gets Itself Into Hot Water
Posted by: psusiq 2002-12-16 12:38:18 In reply to: ECT News
I'm definitely a thumbs-down on paypal. I sent an online payment through paypal for 1055.00. the guy stiffed me and not only did paypal give him my money but now they are protecting him because they won't let me have his name and address so I can file charges against him, so it's ok to steal money but let's keep our privacy policies in place to encourage these thieves.

PayPal has given me no problem but BILLPOINT stole from me
Posted by: cmaurizio 2002-06-27 13:21:35 In reply to: ECT News
I sold a printer on eBay and the buyer paid for it using Billpoint. He said he was happy with the printer and gave positive feedback about how the printer was exactly as described. After a couple weeks the buyer must have changed his mind and said the printer was not working. I informed the buyer that if he wanted his money back he should return the printer. This was in February 2002. It's now June 2002 and the buyer asked for a refund and BILLPOINT, without my permission, and without knowing what the buyer did with the printer, took money from my account. The buyer has not shipped my printer back. So now, thanks to BILLPOINT, I'm out the money ($235) and the printer. DO NOT USE BILLPOINT if you are a seller!!!!!

Re: PayPal Gets Itself Into Hot Water
Posted by: witold 2002-02-20 19:03:10 In reply to: ECT News
Yes, might want to check out as well.

Re: PayPal Gets Itself Into Hot Water
Posted by: PaypalWarning 2001-11-22 18:46:19 In reply to: ECT News
This is nothing new.

Re: PayPal Gets Itself Into Hot Water
Posted by: Dave 2001-07-13 14:26:52 In reply to: ECT News
I think paypal should get some money stolen from them! They are a rip-off, and now because they have 8 million people, they jack up their prices! HMMMMM. It costs more than to send thru mail! RIP!
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