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Re: Quixtar Sues John Does for Online Bashing
Posted by: Anonymous 2007-11-14 08:34:00
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Direct marketing firm Quixtar, a sister company of Amway, has sued 30 people who anonymously posted what it considers disparaging remarks about Quixtar in blogs and online forums and in videos. In the lawsuit filed this past week in Ottawa County, Mich., Circuit Court, Quixtar seeks an injunction and damages of more than $25,000 against the posters, identified only as John Does. Quixtar believes the videos and other postings are part of an organized effort by former distributors who unsuccessfully sued Alticor and are under court order not to disparage the company or disclose proprietary information, according to the lawsuit.

Re: Quixtar Sues John Does for Online Bashing
Posted by: motor247 2007-11-14 08:53:43 In reply to: Anonymous
...Property of Quixtar? See the term "PROPRIETARY" in this article...It seems that this IS the basis of their litigation. ...Dare to compare prices? Oh my! The truth does have a sting to it. I find it utterly amazing that the "great minds" at Alticor/Quixtar/ Amway don't see the fact that the more that they wave the subpoenas, the more attention that they are calling to the things that they are denying. In my humble opinion, they are OVERPRICED. How dare anyone exercise their GOD given right to free speech and mention this on line. Excuse my forgetfulness, but it seems that these days corporate greed and absolute power seem to circumvent the rights of free men and women. It is on these principals that they find the "moral high ground" to pursue the John Does. It seems that if they were able to dispute these "allegations" they would as it would be far less expensive. The bottom line is They have a flawed system and because greed overshadows vision, they don't want to fix it. This is why I along with tens of thousands are leaving QUIXTAR, not because of Internet blogs and a U tube video.
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