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What Do You Think of my WebSite?
Posted by: ZipLabor 2007-10-13 09:06:28
Hello All,
I created a website and would like to get your opinions about it.
The idea for the website came from my many years as a business owner, home owner, rental property owner, and spouse. I always found myself in need of help, a helping hand to get something done. So, I would call friends, go to the park to recruit some kid, go to the local unemployment office to find someone, ask friends the status of their kids, and/or stop and talk to the guy on the side of the road with the sign that read 'Will Work for Food or Money'. These techniques were time consuming and many times failed and I could not find the help I needed.
So I created ZipLabor. ZipLabor is Temporary Short-Term Labor. The ZipLabor website brings together: people with a Task they need to do; and people qualified to Complete those Tasks. People with a Task to do I call Demanders and people who can complete the Task I call Performers. ZipLabor works on a National Level. Performers can freely post their Qualifications on the website. Demanders are charged a minimal free of $10 (max $100) to Post their Task on the website for up to 60 days.
To help Promote my website I use local volunteer community groups. These registered Organizations share all fees collected and are distributed royalty checks twice a year.
To help with security of the website, all users must supply a reference and enter into a legal agreement with ziplabor.
So, What do you think of the concept of my website? If you have visited the website, What do you think of it?
Thanks for your response. JBM
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