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Re: Don't Buy the Keyword - Buy the Domain
Posted by: Matt Bentley 2007-05-08 10:29:37
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Marketers assume that Googling for information is an automatic response the instant a Web surfer opens a browser. For many Internet users, the theory is true. However, many people bypass search engines altogether in favor of a technique called direct navigation. Direct navigation is when a user directly types a Web address into a browser. However, direct navigation to generically named sites with an "intent to search" is a relatively new concept that shifts how marketers must think about their Web site traffic and how consumers are finding information.

Rent domains (sendori.com)
Posted by: oferronen 2007-05-09 15:13:27 In reply to: Matt Bentley
The story mentions redirecting traffic from generic-term domains. Often domains are too expensive to buy, and so my company, Sendori.com, allows firms to rent domains traffic from millions of domains. After trying domains, firms can evaluate the traffic and make a more informed bids to buy the domains.

Re: Don't Buy the Keyword - Buy the Domain
Posted by: Cohn 2007-05-09 10:51:40 In reply to: Matt Bentley
An innovative strategy....

Re: Don't Buy the Keyword - Buy the Domain
Posted by: Successclick 2007-05-09 02:07:45 In reply to: Matt Bentley
Matt's expert report in this area is a growing phenomenon in the symbiosis between the business community online and the domain industry.
Most of the high premium domains purchased by corporations that have been branded to vertical portal category killers have done more for the company's brand and revenue generation than 10 times the amount spent by the company for marketing and advertising campaigns through other mediums, including television and magazines. Madison Avenue agencies know this, and do not want to push their client into this "media controlling" area of investment, because a good domain can cut an ad agency's budget in half for client. A good domain is the enemy of an ad agency.
A domain name that cost $1million but brings you millions of visitors to your site on the strength of the "direct typein" traffic has unique strengths that no other marketing investment can give you:
1. The domain name is yours for as long as you register it each year, sometimes for as little as $7. The benefits of the domain continue to roll on, year after year, for less than $10. No other marketing investment can touch this type of power.
2. A domain name generically describing your product/service, even with little traffic, can be used in "pairing" with your adwords, and even allow you to bid less, because you are presenting the viewer an exact replica of their search term as an URL, which is directed directly to your website, maybe even the product page of your site. For example, a company selling "galvanized steel tubing", bids low for on that adword, and uses the domain name "galvanizedsteeltubing.com" in their adword text. The viewer sees the link, and the "pairing" of the domain name and the viewer's search is instant. They will be more apt to click on your adword link because it is an exact match to their search query.
There are a multitude of benefits from owning keyword generic domains, especially if your company sells or offers services that domain represents. Nothing makes your competitors lose a particular market grasp like owning the domain name of the product they sell.

Re: Don't Buy the Keyword - Buy the Domain
Posted by: diacarv 2007-05-08 10:44:38 In reply to: Matt Bentley
I sure am glad you wrote this article. I have been trying to convince people for years about this concept of networking generic domain names in the same industry and no one seems to get it. It is so simple and is very cost effective in the long run. It is like owning prominent addresses on a desirable street.
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