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Re: eBay and Los Angeles Police Launch Fraud Probe
Posted by: ECT News 2001-06-26 20:16:14
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Online auction powerhouse eBay has confirmed that it is cooperating with Los Angeles police and postal authorities to investigate claims that some 150 consumers were defrauded by a single eBay member.

And eBay Wonders Why....
Posted by: renagade 2009-02-15 06:13:05 In reply to: ECT News
Wonders WHY many buyers and sellers are leaving the site for the alternate sites such as eCrater, BISI, and
Once eBay and Paypal FINALLY does something about a scam, they tend to rule in favor of the scammer!
Too many horror stories about this on the web today...

Ebay, Paypal in bed together....
Posted by: scottidogg 2009-02-05 10:23:31 In reply to: ECT News
On Oct. 28, 2008 I bought a set of coins through paypal on Ebay using my WaMu Visa Card. I paid a total of $208.00 to a person in China (his email is and his merchant transaction I.D. is 9MC67310VM000232X) for these coins. My first Paypal Case No. was --------- (this has been closed several times because paypal kept coming back to say they closed the case because I can’t prove that what I sent back to China was the coins). I was told by you to write my grievance and fax it to you.

On Nov. 11, 08, I wrote ebay to let them know that I hadn’t received the coins yet. It seems like about a month after that when I received the coins. I had a feeling that I was going to be ripped off because I checked his (1) feedback that this merchant had and the person that left the merchants only one (1) feedback said that he bought a bar of solid silver from him, when he finally received it, it was a bar of lead “painted silver”! Needless to say, I was a little concerned. So, as soon as I got the coins that were suppose to be both gold and silver, I took them to a coin shop that I frequent. They told me that the composition of the coins were neither gold nor silver. And besides that, the display case was busted (pictures accompanying this fax).

About 2 days later, again I checked the merchants feedback, this time there were about 20 feedback remarks, all favorable but very suspicious, they all seemed to say the same thing and seemed to have a chinese “flare” to it. A couple days after that (still waiting to hear from Ebay on the case), I went to checked the merchants feed back again and he was gone, Ebay took him completely out of the system.

Now, whenever I buy or sell something, I put the receipt in an “Outlook Express” email folder for proof. Evidentally, this was an email that had an “url” that was closed. Ebay left a message saying that this merchants listing had been canceled by ebay and that I had no way of knowing why, it went on to say that if I bought something from this merchant that it was canceled. Evidentally, they said this before they knew that the merchant had already sent me the coins.

The next thing I did was to call ebay. I was in a conversation with someone asking him why that listing had been taken down, he couldn’t tell me. He did say that if the investigation showed that I was right then I wouldn’t have to send the coins back (shipping was $79.00). He also told me that he can see that this merchant is a fraud.

On Dec. 4th, 08 I received an email from paypal stating that I need to ship the item back and they gave me the address to send it to: SunAnJing, --------ShiLiRiver ChaoYangDistrict, Beijing China 100021 and they also told me that I had to supply them with a U.S.P.S. shipping tracking no. (----------) so that day, I took it to a private postal company called ------ Mail in ------, Texas and mailed it and to this day, if you go to the USPS web site and track the package it states that they attempted delivery at 9:03 am on Dec. 10, 2008 and just NOW I checked it again and for the first time, I see that they made another attempt to deliver it on Feb. 3, 2009 at 10:17 am in “China Peoples Rep.”, it’s apparent to me that they don’t want this trash back.

As I stated, paypal has closed this case several times and they keep saying that I can not prove that what I sent was the coins. I don’t understand it and neither does the woman at the mail company that mailed this off for me.

I am enclosing the last email that I received from them about this, it includes the most recent paypal case no.

When I called you about this earlier this week, you were concerned by the fact that it had been over 60 days since this has happened but stated that you were going to try and do something about this. As you can see, ebay and paypal drew this on and on and on, I wouldn’t even put it past them to KNOW that I only had so much time to make a grievance with my credit card company. It seems to me now that paypal just doesn’t want to honor their own policy “guaranteeing that people do not get ripped off.
I am now being told that I need to contact the Federal Trade Commision the Texas State Attorney General's Office and the U.S. Postal service for fraud.
It now appears, I'm told, that since I've told you several times that this item is still being sold under different names and it is still there and also that it appears that ebay and paypal is set up acting as a bank that both ebay and paypal are in on this fraud scheme.
My credit card company was sent this letter earlier today and they will be in contact with you soon.
I am going to pursue this until I get every penny back, if you want to find out what is in the box sitting in the U.S. Post Office in China, then you need to get hold of the postal inspector there to take a picture of the box of coins.
-Scott ------

Re: eBay and Los Angeles Police Launch Fraud Probe
Posted by: retiredat44 2004-04-08 17:08:47 In reply to: ECT News
I have been using eBay for several years, and PayPal. I have been pretty good at avoiding problems. I look for good feedback and use my Bank and PayPal. I bid on a Computer video card from a person (company) with very very good feedback, and only one neutral feedback. I paid $113.00 using PayPal. In the next few days, the feedback started to show that the Seller wasn't communicating with the buyers. Then WHAM! eBay suspends him. The Seller is leaving messagages he left out of town on Fammily Matter, and even has the gaul to say "Thanks" He refuses to communicate any further. PayPal puts my complaint on 10 day hold giving this guy 10 days to remedy this legal sale. he never communicates, and Paypal then tell me they cannot get my money back.
eBay just gives you a canned response says wait 30 days and do blah, blah, blah... then file for Buyer protection (eVBay owns PayPal) only difference is eBay wil charge $30 for the 'Buyer Protection" but only after 30 days.
I lookled up more information on the person, company that disappeared with my money (eBay will not tell you anthing about anyone when you get ripped off, you have to dig yourself):
Man Tand and Simon Tang
EC Computers, Inc. Brooklyn, New York.
Wed, 24 Mar 2004 10:20:30 -0800
To: xxxxxx@xxxx.xxxx
Subject: eBay Item Won! POWERCOLOR ATI RADEON 9700PRO Video Card, 128MB DDR, 25 (Item #2795204457)
X-eBay-MailTracker: 10013.313.0.40158
Congratulations xxxxxxx!
Dear xxxxxxx,
You have agreed to purchase the following eBay item from eccomputer (M Tang - Brooklyn, NY United States) on Mar-24-04 10:20:23 PST:
POWERCOLOR ATI RADEON 9700PRO Video Card, 128MB DDR, 25 - Item #2795204457
Please review the seller's payment instructions below. Pay using PayPal
Buy with Confidence - Learn payment safety tips and more.
Payment details:
Item price: US $100.00
Bid quantity: 1
Quantity won: 1
Subtotal: US $100.00
Shipping, handling: US $10.00
Shipping insurance per item: US $3.00 (required)
Sales tax: 8.625% in NY
Payment instructions from seller:
Ec Computers Inc
2824 Fort Hamilton Pkwy
Brooklyn, NY 11218
eBay suspended him but will not say a word why, when etc...
eBay wil not help anyone ripped off till 30 days has passed.
I have filed with Internet Fraud complaints, eBay, PayPal, and again, eBay is of no help at this time.... period. I also filed complaints with both the Attorney General of New York and California. I contacted the Police in Brooklyn, New York, and was told I could only file a complaint in person. (I spent 20 minutes on the phone with a Fraud department). A waste.
Don't let my forum name fool you, I am sick, permanently disabled USAF Veteran. $100 is a lot of money to me!

eBay and PayPal Fraud
Posted by: peter_dee 2002-10-29 04:12:42 In reply to: ECT News
Buyer Beware! That's the message I received from American Express, whom I used to pay PayPal for an item I bought on eBay but never received. EBay was the quickest to claim no responsibility. Despite the simple fact that this item was listed on eBay, they have the audacity to state that this transaction was "outside of eBay". The second insult came from PayPal. They initiated an investigation that essentially protected the fraud artist, and remained tight-lipped for the 30-day duration, mostly to ensure the fraud artist to make his getaway. Although the investigation fell in my favour, they claimed that there was no money to retrieve. To add insult to injury, American Express washed their hands from any responsibility by saying that there was no wrong, just buyer beware. So, before you decide to purchase on eBay, thinking that you've got three reputable organizations working to obtain your safe purchase online, think again!

Re: eBay and PayPal Fraud
Posted by: portex 2002-11-17 01:42:37 In reply to: peter_dee
I agree with your assessment of eBay and Paypal. Now they are in bed together and equally useless in protecting buyers.

Re: eBay and Los Angeles Police Launch Fraud Probe
Posted by: CalifBreeze 2002-07-24 03:13:33 In reply to: ECT News
How come the many many people that lost money on ebay thru escrow in the car department are not getting any help from ebay?? I lost $44,000.00 another guy $50,000.00 another guy $85,000.00 this is a lot of money for just three people. WAIT there are many many more people that lost BIG MONEY, and EBAY will still not post a BEWARE OF ESCROWS on their site, the first BIG loss was in FEB,02 three months later I lost $44,000.00 and there was losses after Feb and after my loss in May 02 and still going on.

Re: eBay and Los Angeles Police Launch Fraud Probe
Posted by: ltrenthem 2003-01-31 12:25:43 In reply to: CalifBreeze
I had a strange thing happen to me when trying to complete a transaction for a computer won on eBay, in the process of paying through When I got the seller's info, I had a system error on my computer. I'm convinced a savvy computer hacker can link to bank info, and unless the account is closed, can tap into for future withdrawals. Please describe method of losses. thanks

Re: eBay and Los Angeles Police Launch Fraud Probe
Posted by: Whitewolf1970 2004-05-22 14:22:20 In reply to: ltrenthem
I too was defrauded by eBay, PayPal and their client, a seller. I was pissed off that he took the money and ran. But the problem was he had many good feedbacks until he was suspended. But he did not send my item nor refund. He's a CRIMINAL so is the eBay company. I paid $94.95 for ATI Radeon 9200 with 256 MB video card. He never send it. He took my money and ran. He didn't have a company. I found out he was selling things from his home becuz his feet were in the picture for a child's 2-piece clothes on the rug. So he don't have company. Why naming "Longwholesalewarehouse.." and stated on the receipt "Long and Associates" meaning he didn't have any company nor hiring ppl to work for him. One stunnned me the most was the email that was showing the receipt, right? Okay, I scanned down below and was perplexed that it stated "eBay Reconcile Amt: $14.99" meaning he did not actually have an item since he didn't ship it becuz the shipping price was zero than the other receipt that was showing shipping and handling cost. So I put 2 together and he has a criminal background so the address was also appeared on Square Trade. So I'm waiting. If that will not happen, I will go directly to the bank with the emails and his address I copied down and file the fraud with them and they will severely dispute against BOTH the client and eBay. By law, the bank can do that but it will take 30 days to get the money from either one or BOTH. I will also file the fraud with NC police department to arrest that bastard. But I need a few inputs before I can start filing with the NC police department.

Re: eBay and Los Angeles Police Launch Fraud Probe
Posted by: retiredat44 2004-06-01 15:12:47 In reply to: Whitewolf1970
be aware, the police are totally worthless and even refuse to take a complaint... eBay buyer protection insurance will still end up costing you money, because even after they delay and fart around forever, they still take $25 for their BS and will not pay any shipping monies paid. PayPal will not pay, they will weasel out, and delay the investigation, all adding up to giving the crooks more time to run. The system is a total sham, a joke. My anger is exploding every time I hear the words eBay and PayPal. The Brooklyn police suck the big one too, as even though all local, state, and federal agencies have had formal complaints filed, they just sit on their dum arses, no one is doing a damned thing in my case and the name and location of the crooks is known by all. My suggestion.... file for your money, file all complaints, and never do business with all the parties. And vote in a government that actually goes after the crooks and does not help them get away.
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