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Re: Telecommuting Climate Getting Chilly
Posted by: Paul Korzeniowski 2005-12-22 10:22:41
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Before the advent of the Internet, telecommuting was considered an abnormality, something done in rare circumstances by select individuals. However, when broadband connectivity became widely available, telecommuting opportunities became more common. Surprisingly, after a few years of healthy growth, that trend may be losing its steam. One of the reasons is the changing economic environment.

Re: Telecommuting Climate Getting Chilly
Posted by: Ed_Dodds 2005-12-22 10:47:37 In reply to: Paul Korzeniowski
The folks this taxation uncertainty hits the hardest are the folks with disabilities. Seventy percent of persons with disabilities in the US are unemployed. The number 1 reason given is the lack of accessible transportation to the workplace, especially in rural areas. Working from home offices "virtually" eliminates this barrier. Tax policy ought to encourage management to think outside of the cube and utilize people with disabilities as remote employees using assistive technology-enhanced home offices, broadband and vpns. Examples: Distributed medical record digitization and indexing or government historical document digitization projects.

Re: Telecommuting Climate Getting Chilly
Posted by: kwanlass 2005-12-22 10:30:02 In reply to: Paul Korzeniowski
While tax costs associated with teleworking might be rising for the teleworker, many companies in New York City this week greatly benefited from the ability of their employees to telework. So, businesses would be smart to continue to at least fit telework into their business continuity plans or they could be out a lot of money when the next natural or man-made disaster strikes! JMHO :-)
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