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Re: A Clash of Titans
Posted by: Anonymous 2005-10-23 07:32:03
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Hollywood has a nightmare, and it isn't a movie. This bad dream is about how a duel between two high-tech giants could force consumers to make a costly bet on the wrong technology, or slow the adoption of high-definition DVD players due out next year. Such a delay would be bad news for consumer electronics retailers such as Best Buy, which count on new products to spur sales growth. The rival technology standards could jeopardize future profits at movie studios, which count on home movie viewing for nearly half of all revenue.

Re: A Clash of Titans
Posted by: holoman 2005-10-23 07:34:41 In reply to: Anonymous
Blu-Ray and HD-DVD are simplistic improvements to DVD on the market.
Holographic Storage is a totally new product that has 20 years to bring to market.
Atleast 1,000 times the storage, 1,000 the data xfer speeds, and 1,000 times the cost per bit.
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