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Re: AOL Offering Blog Feature to General Web Users
Posted by: Keith Regan 2005-09-13 10:50:58
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In a move that extends its strategy to break down the wall between its online kingdom and the rest of the Web, America Online today said it would open up its free blogging service to anyone with an AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) account. The move seeks to leverage AOL's IM platform -- easily its most successful offering to the general Web population -- to capitalize on the rising tide of blog creation. The AOL Journals feature is already a popular destination among AOL members.

Re: AOL Offering Blog Feature to General Web Users
Posted by: fakir005 2005-09-13 11:20:30 In reply to: Keith Regan
I'm going to comment on two pieces of AOL news. One of them has to do with the acquisition of some blogging service by Steve Case. I think Steve Case is very misguided. Everybody is after the advertising dollars being spent by businesses. These advertising dollars are being amassed by Google. So Steve Case is after a share of the advertising dollars being amassed by Google. I doubt that Steve Case has the ability to get advertisers to directly place ads on Steve Case's new blogs.
The second Comment has to do with AOL blogging service. Most people have nothing to say when they create their blogs. People put their pictures and somehow get their blogs listed on search Engines under key words that have nothing to do withy the Contents on the Blogs. For exaple under all the keyword "AOL BLOG" there are severfal results that have nothing to do with the AOL Blog.
There's a blog at that contains explicit comments on AOL as to several AOL stories. For example AOL agreed to pay $3,000,000,000 ($3 Billion) to AOL shareholders because of its losses due to its merger with Time Warner. The comments said that the AOL sharehoders got lucky to get compensated by time warner although the merger has noting to do with losses.
The other commen said that people are soundly rejecting the Road River Internet service by Timewarner and the wired AOL interenet Service that is creating losses mainly due to the access charges that must be paid to the local telephone Companies.
The said blog states that time has come for AOL to support the development of a server oriented Internet service wherein the role of the Client is limited to that of Communications with the server and server does all the processing without sending any files back to clients.
If this is done the file swappers and hackers will go out of business and all the handheld communication devices could be used to surf the web.
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