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Ebay / Fedex Class Action Lawsuit
Posted by: jashopkins 2020-02-06 09:22:30
I just want to put my info out there so when the class action drops on Ebay, a firm can find me. I sold an time on ebay and went to the ebay/fedex calculator it quoted me $210 to ship. So I printed the label and dropped it off at Fedex. Ebay charged me $1299 to ship the package. I contacted ebay many times and they are standing by Fedex. An item I have shipped with ups before for the price of $245. My user name was J.hopkins I live in MS. I am going to close my account that has 1000+items sold and 100%feedback.

Re: Ebay / Fedex Class Action Lawsuit
Posted by: virtualmailnow 2020-08-26 18:47:17 In reply to: jashopkins
I noticed your ebay user name is no longer active. I wanted to discuss this situation with you as I have experienced the same thing using FedEx shipping labels thru Ebay. Could you post or message me contact info? Thank you
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