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Re: Microsoft To Phase Out Passport Payment Service
Posted by: Keith Regan 2004-02-16 06:23:42
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In an effort to boost user adoption of its portable e-wallet system, called "MSN Wallet,"
Microsoft has announced that it will phase out its Passport Express Purchase system over the
next several months. The company said the Express Purchase system will continue to
operate until March 2003, when all Express Purchase data collected to date will be
destroyed. The move may be designed to help Microsoft distance its Wallet system from
privacy questions that have dogged Passport.

Microsoft Customers To Phase Out Being Stupid
Posted by: dz877 2004-02-16 06:57:51 In reply to: Keith Regan
I'm sorry dudes but I use Firefox with it's advanced methods of making hard things easy....
Yes 2000 passwords & usernames are easy to keep in a program that was built for ease-of-use, stability and security... Not Just To Put Succesful Competition Out Business To Take Their Profits!
Why do you need passport? Because M$ made their browser a pain in the ass with passwords, It stored them without telling you and gave them to any old Script-Kiddie that came by! M$ created the annoyance to make the excuse!!!
For Gods Sake, look at the piracy/child-porn/spam excuses! They're not doing this for your protection, they would gladly put your children in danger if they had to pay to get into MSNchat! They only act moral for future profits!
I wen't to try MSN today and it wouldn't let me use Firefox to sign in (with a friends passport), it wouldn't let me saying I'm using too old a browser! IT'S UNDER A WEEK OLD!!!! Firebird worked perfectly last time I bothered so I know full well that they're on a antitrust&FUD binge again.
Anyone that has a brain prolapsed enough to give the worlds most evil-plotting company all their info and trust them to look after it deserves what they are ooh-so definately gonna get!!!!
People, beware!!
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