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Re: iPad Pro Wants to Be Your Next PC
Posted by jescott418 on 2016-03-26 05:57:48
In reply to Richard Adhikari
Apple's biggest mistake about iPad's in enterprise is that its been about weak hardware or size. No the weakness is IOS and nothing else. If Apple had made a Pro line with OS X or the ability to duel boot Windows by way of a BootCamp like app. Or even just add mouse capabilities this would have made the iPad Pro more attractive. But instead its just a more powerful iPad Air with a pencil. From what I read from enterprise the iPad lost a long time ago to the Surface Pro. This is a device running full Windows and able to properly run most any enterprise software solutions. Even if you get developers on board with making apps.There is plenty of limitations to go with that development from Apple. iPad's make wonderful media consumption devices and provide a niche format for enterprise. But the iPad Pro line has not been anymore effective at solving the real problem with the iPad and enterprise. Apple just doesn't get it. They want enterprise to come into their system rather than the other way. That just won't happen.

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Re: iPad Pro Wants to Be Your Next PC  Richard Adhikari  2016-03-25 10:45:39
Re: iPad Pro Wants to Be Your Next PC  jescott418  2016-03-26 05:57:48
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