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Re: What Social Can Learn From CRM
Posted by: Denis Pombriant 2019-04-27 01:02:07
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There's been a chorus of calls from all corners for social media regulation -- from pundits like me to the halls of Congress and even from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself. The social media community seems tied up in knots over what to do about all the abuse happening within their communities, but if you look elsewhere you might see signs of solutions that could solve some fundamental problems. A solution that works well has arisen almost by accident in CRM, and it offers a few ideas that the greater social media community could emulate.

Re: What Social Can Learn From CRM
Posted by: Stephanie_at_Ontraport 2019-05-06 09:52:09 In reply to: Denis Pombriant
Dunbar's number brings some credibility to your argument too. If we can only keep up with 150 social relationships, there's theoretically no need for unlimited contacts (except for professional/organizational settings, of course). Social media isn't just social anymore - it's a media outlet. I'm predicting some increased regulation in the coming years due to all this high demand, followed by an adaptation of social media marketing strategy. Thanks for sharing.
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