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Re: The Platform Wars of 2018
Posted by: Denis Pombriant 2018-01-13 02:53:16
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The new battleground in enterprise software is likely to be the software platform. This is not to say that analytics and security are not important, but they are being handled in different ways. Security is being handled in ways that address both hardware and software vulnerabilities, but these things aren't what customers spend their days thinking about. While everyone wants security, the attitude is that it's someone else's job. Platforms, on the other hand, affect more people -- and importantly, they are key to making and saving money.

Re: The Platform Wars of 2018
Posted by: kevintran094 2018-02-17 01:36:50 In reply to: Denis Pombriant
Security is not an issue. With every good, there follows badness too. Nobody can guarantee the security of anything. All we can do is keep monitoring the possible security threats and try to block the way which threats came.
I made my own facial recognition system for my device and I am happy that it is hard to hack it up.
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Are you willing to pay a subscription fee to Twitter?
Yes - Twitter is an important tool for my organization. Paying for a subscription is an easy business decision for us.
Yes - I use the platform frequently and want access to every available feature.
Possibly - It depends on which features will be offered and what those will cost.
No - I will only use Twitter for services that are available free of charge.
No - I don't use Twitter for free, so I'd never consider a paid subscription.