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Re: LinkedIn Burnishes Sales Navigator for the Enterprise
Posted by: Richard Adhikari 2017-03-23 13:55:06
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LinkedIn has launched an enterprise edition of its Sales Navigator product that lets users send 50 emails on LinkedIn a month; adds Single Sign-On and other management features; and introduces TeamLink Extend, a tool that pools the networks of all the Sales Navigator users in an enterprise. If enterprise staff opt-in their LinkedIn network to their enterprise TeamLink pool, the connection list is "surfaced as a possible introduction path when a rep is looking at a lead," noted Doug Camplejohn, head of products for LinkedIn sales solutions.

Re: LinkedIn Burnishes Sales Navigator for the Enterprise
Posted by: kurtshaver 2017-03-24 11:29:37 In reply to: Richard Adhikari
Sales Navigator is a powerful prospecting tool, but it is not magic. It only delivers results when salespeople have received the proper training. Otherwise, it's like handing the keys to a Ferrari to a 16-year old. Their skills are not enough for the equipment and damage will ensue. Best to determine goals, process, and metrics first.
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