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Re: T-Mobile Fires Customers Over 'Excessive Roaming'
Posted by: Jon Yates 2008-06-25 11:14:12
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For six years Donna Lee Spray was loyal to T-Mobile, but the Chicago mother says the communications giant has not returned the favor. On Thursday, T-Mobile will cut off service to one of the family's three cell phones, against Spray's wishes. The reason: The phone used by Spray's 19-year-old daughter, Molly, is no longer profitable to the company. That left Spray steamed -- and thrust the Problem Solver into action. When she signed up for service in 2002, Spray was attracted by T-Mobile's family plan.

T-Mobile and customer loyalty
Posted by: alohaalo 2008-07-03 17:08:24 In reply to: Jon Yates
I recently read the article about Donna Spray and had the same experience. We live remotely for 6 months of the year and were sent the letter May 19 when T-Mobile decided to launch their excessive roaming campaign. I too was a long time customer and had been with T-Mobile since it took over Voicestream. I had just cancelled my home phone line and turned that phone over to a T-mobile phone and got my mom, brother and kids all on t-mobile so we could t-mobile to t-mobile free minutes. I had no idea what I had done wrong when I got the letter saying I had broken terms of my contract. I even took the letter to a store representative and she had no idea what was going on. So after much aggravation and many long calls (2 hour wait) to get through to the Roaming Charges personnel, I finally got them to agree to let me hang on to my service if I get on the hotspot@home. I am thrilled the T-mobile customer service representative not the Roaming charges rep helped me and valued me as a long time customer and said that this would solve my roaming charge predicament. I have since written letters to T-Mobile encouraging them to let their customers know that T-Mobile Hotspot@home is an easy solution to the problem. I have only received one letter letting me know that T-Mobile will let me continue my service with them BUT will be continually monitering accounts to make sure THEIR accounts are not using excessive roaming charges. I again was not pleased with the letter I received. I have since written a second letter so we shall see if they acknowledge this letter. I have still had the best support from the the T-Mobile representatives and many are very frustrated with this news and are saddened as well by having to deal with unfair treatment to long term customers. If it wasn't for their sympathy and help I would have been terminated.

T Mobil firing customers
Posted by: 4njunk 2008-06-27 07:47:13 In reply to: Jon Yates
T Mobil just fired us, we have 3 lines and received no notification that we were going to get cut off. We renewed only 2 months ago and specifically asked the T mobil sales person at the T mobil store about our remote location and were told that the servers and towers are shared and there should be no problem.
If this program was in force before 2 months ago why don't their front line authorized "trained" sales professionials mention this to prospective customers?
We spent over 2 hours on hold last night trying to get ahold of the new excessive roaming team without success. There are numerous things I wish to mention but I must wait until after we speak to the new roaming enforcment cops to know what becomes of these issues.
This just smacks of a huge class action if you ask me.

Fraud- T-mobil
Posted by: gem7 2008-07-30 21:23:11 In reply to: 4njunk
I agree, i have been very frustrated with T-mobil. My daughter had the phone that they were disconituing, sales staff tell her one thing corporate tells her something else. Sales people tell her to follow what corporate tells her we do. Next thing I know we keep owing money on a phone that was discontinued in April, we paid May, was told she would be done, we recieved a bill in June, Daughter went in to ask why and stated that she was told there would be no payment sales people tells her its for June, so we paid again. Now in July she gets a bill for 170. because she is 18 corporate will not deal with me (the parent) rediciulous. These phone company's are scamming people. I believe that we do have a class action suit. Takes 2 hours or more to get someone on the phone. this would fall under tort law, maybe misrepesentation,Statues of Frauds, surley something. I am tired of this and especially when we keep getting shuffled around.
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