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Re: Ford's Sync Update Gives Directions, Fuel-Saving Tips
Posted by: Walaika Haskins 2009-01-12 06:12:00
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Ford got into the act at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas with the debut of the next-generation of Sync, its voice-activated, in-car technology. Alan Mulally, chief executive officer at Ford, presented new features for the current version of Sync and described upcoming changes set to roll out by 2010. Sync enables Ford car owners to play music from a portable music player and make phone calls hands-free using a Bluetooth-enabled phone.

Bells and whistles for Ford cars
Posted by: mitchr 2009-01-12 06:17:32 In reply to: Walaika Haskins
I find it amazing that the big 3 automakers just don't get it. We should be discussing all of the new technologies they put into their new, under $10,000 car which is a hybrid, plug in overnight commuter car. How it gets 50 miles per gallon and goes 50 miles on electric only. A GPS voice controlled? Are they kidding? With this insane attitude and complete disregard for what the consumers want...soon there will be no Fords to drive!
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