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Re: Facebook Fences Off Bullies, Predators
Posted by: Stephanie Reitz 2008-05-09 09:58:59
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Facebook, the world's second-largest social networking Web site, is adding more than 40 new safeguards to protect young users from sexual predators and cyber-bullies under an agreement with officials nationwide that was announced Thursday. The measures include banning convicted sex offenders from the site, limiting older users' ability to contact subscribers under 18 and participating in a task force set up in January to find ways to verify users' ages and identities. Officials from Washington, D.C., and 49 states have signed on.

Facebook Predators
Posted by: FedUpToo 2008-05-09 10:04:46 In reply to: Stephanie Reitz
Great AP article about Facebook and sexual predators! Now, when is Yahoo going to label their Flickr site as hosting thousands predators and pedophiles, trading hardcore and child porn? They have been nurturing those monsters for over 4 years now, by helping them hide there. How are parents and children supposed to be able to know about it, if they continually lie about what is really hosted on their website? The advertisers sponsoring it all have no idea. There always seems to be a lot of hoopla about Facebook and MySpace, but never a word said about Yahoo's Flickr, which is much worse off. There are countless dangerous creeps there, openly perving on kids, while trading millions of every kind of really nasty image imaginable. Why is that? They have no true, reliable age verification, no warning labels, and more over, always cloak any perverts through algorithms. Flickr's entire system is set up to enshroud the true nature of the site and the offenders there. There are thousands of sexual predators and pedophiles being harbored by Flickr, the average users just aren't allowed to see them. The cloaked creeps can see everybody else though, right down to geolocations placed on kids' pictures they post there. It's like a catalog for repeating sex offenders. Facebook just opened up personal info on profiles to people on Yahoo networks, including Flickr. That pretty much undoes any efforts to protect kids there mentioned so far.
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