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Re: The Apps Small Biz Needs Now
Posted by: Gene Marks 2008-04-07 05:48:14
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Why doesn't someone invent clothing with very small, powerful magnetic material woven in? That way all the clothes teenagers leave strewn about the house could be automatically pulled toward a designated laundry basket. Or what about a central trash system, like central plumbing, where all refuse gets whisked away to some underground recycling facility inhabited only by the alligators of urban mythology. Someone should definitely invent that, too. These technologies would make our personal lives easier.

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Posted by: snowstorm 2008-04-08 16:45:15 In reply to: Gene Marks
I'd like to add a virtual phone system or advanced 800 number to that list. Compared to some of the older hardware-based monstrosities, net-based services like gotvmail and others pretty much replace the whole "receptionist" job position, without the need for leave time or benefits.

Re: The Apps Small Biz Needs Now
Posted by: lenrosen4 2008-04-07 06:05:25 In reply to: Gene Marks
I have been in pursuit of finding the right solutions for small businesses and have playing around with some of the creations coming out of Google. I don't know if you are familiar with Google Labs, Although they have not yet created an automatic Report Writer, I use Google Desktop whenever I'm looking for anything on my local drive. Forget file tree structures. I also use Google Alerts to feed me with reports from the Internet on subjects of specific interest to me. As for voice recognition, although it has come a long way since my first experiences with it in the early 90s (concatenated speech on 80386 processors) the products out there still have some teething problems. Although Dragon Naturally Speaking is a pretty effective tool for continuous speech and command control of a desktop or laptop computer system. We are not at the Star Trek interface level yet with voice but we are getting a lot closer.
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