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Re: When Web 2.0 Meets Politics
Posted by: Sonia Arrison 2008-01-18 06:37:23
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Hillary Clinton is my friend. On MySpace, that is. If I were going to vote for the first candidate that responded to my social networking "friend" request, it would be her. Of course, that's a silly idea, but with all the hoopla over politicians using new technologies, one might ask: How has Web 2.0 changed the political process? Web 2.0 generally refers to the explosion of services like social networking sites, wikis, blogs, podcasts, RSS feeds and so on.

well said
Posted by: chiefswp 2010-10-12 20:08:55 In reply to: Sonia Arrison
Very good points, and hopefully the web and social media and networking can be more beneficial and as you said make government a little more transparent. I hope this doesn't lead to a trend of disengagement from civic-mindedness and political participation, and people remain not only engagended with the "www" but also with the polls and the political process. Great Read!


Re: When Web 2.0 Meets Politics
Posted by: gibsonia 2008-01-18 06:41:27 In reply to: Sonia Arrison
Great comments - the integration of new technology this cycle is happening faster than ever before. It took until Dean's campaign in 2004 to make funraising productive. I predict the presidential campaigns will discover this cycle how to make social media productive, whether it be a blog, virtual phonebanking, YouTube video, etc.
Check out more of my thoughts <a href="http://gibsonstevens.blogspot.com">here</a>.
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