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Re: High-Tech Firms, Small-Town Benefits
Posted by: Samira Jafari 2006-10-01 12:35:01
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A dusty gravel driveway leads to an old house once occupied by an Appalachian family. Next door is a little shack that sells hot dogs and ice cream, and a few miles away is a series of coal processing plants. From the outside, the house looks like any other in the coalfields of eastern Kentucky. Inside, however, industrial cubicles sprawl across a well-worn hardwood floor, placing uniformed programmers and high-speed computers within arm's reach of an antique fireplace.

Re: High-Tech Firms, Small-Town Benefits
Posted by: rjledger 2006-10-01 12:49:47 In reply to: Samira Jafari
Interesting article. However I do take exception to the comment:
"There's a new generation of entrepreneurs who have really tight relationships virtually,"
In fact.. there's a generation (called "Baby Boomers") who has been at this for a long time and will continue.. for a long time.
Our company (rjlSystems) is one of those and was founded by your's truly - RJLedger
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