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Re: Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Dads and Grads
Posted by: Rob Enderle 2006-08-24 15:12:32
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One nice thing about this job is that tons of products get sent to me throughout the year. Some of these things are really cool, and some probably aren't worth the postage it took to send them. With college and high school graduation season in full swing and Father's Day on the horizon, I thought I'd share some info on a few technology products that I think might make an ideal gift for that special someone.

Re: Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Dads and Grads
Posted by: giftula-com 2006-11-07 17:57:00 In reply to: Rob Enderle
If you are stuck with a gift but you are not sure that the person that you want to present it to will like it?
So here are a few tips:
If you want to present a gift idea that is very unique, you can test the waters by asking at least five to ten
people if they think it’s a good idea. If that doesn’t, match up your gift idea with the following ideas and see
if your gift is truly a unique.
Engagement Party Gifts
A nice gift idea for a newly engaged couple would be dinner for two at a famous seafood restaurant (if they like seafood)
and a one day pass on a luxury yacht. Make sure that the refrigerator on the yacht is filled with beverage and food.
Also, do your research before sending anyone on a trip or vacation.
Baby Shower
A unique gift to give at a baby shower would be to start a college fund. Everyone present at the shower can contribute
a dollar or more to the fund. Once a year for the child’s birthday until they are 18 years of age, everyone present
can contribute to the child’s college fund. You can find out more information about this at your local bank or on the Internet.
Retirement Dinner
If you are not quite sure what to give a person for their retirement, give them a monetary gift. You can never go wrong
with money! Rather than stuff a card with bills or write a paper check, be creative. Purchase a mini-tree or plant and
tie dollar bills on each branch.
Wedding: Bridal Parties
If you are a bride-to-be or a groom-to-be and you are not sure what purchase, make it simple as possible. For the ladies,
you can purchase gift certificates to a spa or a favorite clothing or shoe store. For the gentlemen, you can purchase each
groomsmen cufflinks or engrave their names on an ink pen.
Weddings: What to by the Groom
Grooms are often easy to please. You can purchase a personalized key chain, a gold money clip or an engraved set of
handkerchiefs. These are gift ideas that grooms from all over will cherish for a very long time.
Birthday Parties
When in doubt purchase a gift card. You can practically purchase a gift card at almost any retail bookstore. If the person
is a known book worm, purchase a $50 gift card to a bookstore. If the birthday ‘girl’ or ‘boy’ are into movies, purchase a
gift certificate to a popular movie theater. Don’t forget to leave extra money for popcorn.
When you are stuck with a gift idea and you are positive that the person that you have purchased it for is going to love it,
go for it. If you are not sure, that the person is going to like it, then that is a sign that it may not be the best idea for
the person that you are buying it for.
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