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Re: Identity Theft Demystified
Posted by: Tanya Candia 2006-08-23 13:02:59
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Identity theft and strong opinions go hand in hand. ID theft is rampant and is causing millions of dollars of damage every year -- or, it really isn't such a big problem, and few people are really hurt financially by it. Why such wide disparity? More importantly, what can a business owner, an IT manager, a software developer, a consumer or a risk manager do about stopping ID theft when the problem seems so poorly understood?

Good Name Gone
Posted by: sudonim 2010-04-15 07:43:58 In reply to: Tanya Candia
You think that's bad. The person who stole my Identity is now a convicted murderer. Not to mention his 4 other felonies all attributed to me. The funny thing was, he was a fugitive for the murder charge the first time he used my name, looked nothing like me, had totally way different stats, was in my home town where I had been arrested and booked (dismissed case) but they had my info on file. He was 6 years younger than me. He had no ID, so they filled in his arrest sheet with my details from my arrest. He was Identified while in jail. Paperwork was mis-placed and he made bail under my name. Never went to court. I was convicted in his absence for 3 felonies and warrants were issued for my arrest. I was on the run and hid from authorities for over 10 years. I subsequently ended up broke and homeless because i couldn't get a job in my previous line of work. I started working in privately owned bars and nightclubs to get off the streets. And now i deliver pizzas. There is a lot more. Criminal Identity Theft sucks, but stupid cops suck more.
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