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Re: Sony CEO: Blu-ray Has Hollywood on Its Side
Posted by: Jennifer LeClaire 2006-06-26 16:33:21
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Sony CEO Howard Stringer is adding fuel to the to fire in the battle over next-generation DVD formats. Stringer said movie studios are taking a liking to his firm's Blu-ray next-generation DVD, favoring the format over rival HD DVD technology. Sony is going toe to toe with Toshiba for share of the high-definition DVD marketplace. Matsushita Electric Industrial also supports Blu-ray.

What if they held a format war and nobody showed up?
Posted by: alecwest 2006-06-26 16:45:00 In reply to: Jennifer LeClaire
80% of all TVs made today are HD. But, 80% of all TVs owned today are not. The middle class consumer is sending a message to manufacturers and they're not listening. Before Joe/Suzy Consumer even decide which format is best, manufacturers have to convince them that HD television is the wave of the future. So far, I don't think they're convinced. And without an HD television, both formats are moot. This format war has all the earmarks of the quadraphonic stereo format war of the 70s where neither 'discrete' nor 'SQ' formats survived.
BTW, the last poster mentioned Matsushita. My ex wife used to work at their Vancouver, WA plant making HD televisions - until the entire plant was shut down in March. The jobs didn't go overseas, either. Simply put, no one was buying them. Stores were returning unsold sets en masse.

Re: What if they held a format war and nobody showed up?
Posted by: lkeppler 2006-09-27 14:27:51 In reply to: alecwest
I used to work for AKEI (American Kotobuki Electrical Industries)1986-1998 Yes 11 years. I am unaware of them making HD tv's. When I was working there it was tvs and vcr's built into one cabinet and I had found that after I had left (3 million sets latter) YES MILLIONS. I had heard they were putting dvd's in place of vcr's. This is all analog not digital. Also I'm not sure if they are shut down or not, the parking lot is always full. As far as WHY HD is not taking off as fast as it should, it's all price point. HD TV'S are still expensive. Tektronics (Beavereton Oregon) supplied all the HD controlers for all the TV studios and that was done by the end of 2000. So the only thing we are waiting for is the manufactures to lower the price to 40 point profit instead of a 400 point profit. At this point only the top 10% of wage earners can aford HD TV'S. IT still leaves 90% of the population stuck in analog.
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