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Re: The iBot, Wheelchair for a New Era
Posted by: Brian R. Hook 2003-10-02 08:54:07
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The iBOT mobility system, called the Ferrari of wheelchairs, is now helping disabled users break through physical barriers. The iBOT can climb stairs, bump up curbs, glide through gravel and even elevate a seated passenger to reach the top shelf at a grocery store. To help get the iBOT out on the market, the Food and Drug Administration expedited the review of the wheelchair. "It can help improve the quality of life of many people who use wheelchairs by enabling them to manage stairs, reach high shelves and hold eye-level conversations," said FDA Commissioner Mark McClellan.

Re: The iBot, Wheelchair for a New Era
Posted by: kathrynann 2006-06-05 13:24:38 In reply to: Brian R. Hook
I am thinking about purchasing a ibot wheelchair. An issue has arisen about the ability to lock down the ibot in the drivers space of a van. My understanding from the lock down system maker is that it does not work with the ibot. I am pursuing the issue with ibot. My question is has anyone who uses an ibot or knows about them had this probem? And if so has anyone worked out any solutions?

Re: The iBot, Wheelchair for a New Era
Posted by: desertdolphin 2006-09-25 12:59:36 In reply to: kathrynann
I am looking for Ibot owners who have taken their chairs on airplanes.What kinds of issues did you encounter...damage,handling issues...FEAR for your Ibot????I have just ordered my IBot and cannot wait to go for my final test and delivery.

Re: The iBot, Wheelchair for a New Era
Posted by: chaddonald 2004-03-29 21:08:14 In reply to: Brian R. Hook
You mention that the ibot can go in 4 inches of water. Is this true? I haven't read anywhere about this.

Re: The iBot, Wheelchair for a New Era
Posted by: philip94 2003-11-18 15:27:53 In reply to: Brian R. Hook
The main criticism seems to be (though is not lmited to) the high cost. Has anyone got one or tried one yet? Any impressions would be of great interest as I am disabled.

Re: The iBot, Wheelchair for a New Era
Posted by: changinlives 2004-02-16 18:54:13 In reply to: philip94
This is an exciting mobility system!! Being eye level with your family again, going through the sand on the beach to be able to splash in 4" of ocean water..What about being able to "climb" up a flight of stairs!! The "abilities" of this mobility system far out weigh the price tag!

Re: The iBot, Wheelchair for a New Era
Posted by: swede 2003-12-16 22:39:35 In reply to: philip94
I just went for my assessment 4 hr program today, after receiving a prescription from my Dr. for the IBOT.
All I can tell you is WOW WOW WOW... what a machine, I ordered mine today, it is beyond anything that your wildest dreams could ever imagine, and I of course am as well disabled, and it is going to give me the mobility that I have been looking for, with dignity, as it is so versatile, 4 wheel drive, all wheel drive, gyro-scope, up on 2 wheels, balancing like a ballerina....incredible. The best part is that it will fit right into the back of either of our Mini Van or our PT Cruiser, it will NOT require me to have a Custom made Van conversion, with some huge ramp and feeling even more disabled than I already am. Depending on where you are, you should see about getting a prescription from your Dr. for an assessment, and then go for that, and then see if your Insurance or Medicare will cover it. It is VERY expensive, but worth every penny that is for sure.
I will have mine ready in the beginning of January, and then have to go for 2 more days of training when I pick it up.
Where are you located ??
Warmest Holiday Wishes.

Re: The iBot, Wheelchair for a New Era
Posted by: rondav 2004-02-24 18:51:01 In reply to: swede
This a question for Jan who stated that she ordered an IBot. Jan would you share with us if you obtained any financial assistance and from whom. insurance, Medicare, VA or others? My name is Ron and I live in San Diego. I am a post polio.

Re: The iBot, Wheelchair for a New Era
Posted by: philip94 2004-02-23 09:29:36 In reply to: swede
I live in the UK and I have now tried a pre-production model which is substantially the same as the one you can purchase. The two wheel ballance function and the 4 wheel drive mode are really fantastic! The stair climbing function is useful for getting up occasional steps, but not something I would want to use at home, day-in day-out, to go up and down stairs. Unfortunately the chair has two serious flaws. The main one is that the wheelchair is too high to get ones legs under a desk or table. Perhaps disabled people arn't supposed to want to work at a computer or go out to eat! Also in ordinary wheelchair mode (the mode that would be used most in everyday life) it drives like a cart. My present 5 year old Pride Jazzy is much, much better in this respect. Considering the iBott's price this is quite serious. Perhaps it is just too early in the wheelchairs development and eventually they will be able to correct these problems.
Here in the UK we have another gripe. We are being asked to pay 21,500 pounds for an iBot. At todays exchange rates (Feb. 23 2004) this amounts to $39959.9! Nearly $11,000 US Dollars more than in the USA!
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