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Re: New PC? How to Set Up a Safe, Secure System
Posted by: Jennifer LeClaire 2006-01-10 14:45:35
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Forty-nine mouse clicks and 81 minutes. That's how long it takes to properly set up and secure that new PC you got for Christmas, according to security vendor Symantec. Why should the recipient of a brand new, shiny, fast PC care? Because the "bad guys" find new PC users on the Internet in 20 minutes or less, Symantec research indicates. What's more, the number of bot networks increased more than six-fold in January 2005 compared to December 2004. Bots are programs covertly installed on a computer that allow an unauthorized user to control it remotely.

Forget Symantec, use Eset's NOD32, or get Linux
Posted by: m_pav 2006-01-13 11:17:10 In reply to: Jennifer LeClaire
Great, fantastic info if you're running a windows PC, but why would anyone in their right minds want to install Norton or McAfee Antivirus? Both are as bloated and overweight as each other and during the process of updating them after your initial installation, your PC could become infected.<br>
I would liken both of them to trying to do a hill start in a small car towing a large trailer full of bricks and mortar. Now you wouldn't do that to your car, so why do it to your PC?
There are much better solutions out there like Eset's NOD32 Antivirus System http://www.eset.com/home/home.htm which out-performs almost every other antivirus without taxing your systems performance, and the time to patch it to bring it up to date is measured in a few minutes, not hours for 56K dial up customers as compared the the "name brands".
Ever tried an up to date Linux machine? After a couple of hours of training, you won't notice it at first, but after a week or two, you'll just find your time at your computer will just seem peaceful.
Linux can get really boring because your PC will do the same thing every day without you having to worry about these pathetic low life scumbags that want to undermine your online security. That's because only a very small number of viruses and as far as I know, no spyware threatens up to date Linux machines.
Go figure!
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