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Re: Study: Men and Women Use Internet Differently
Posted by: Jennier LeClaire 2005-12-29 10:33:43
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You've come a long way, baby, at least according to a study released yesterday by the Pew Internet & American Life Project. The report, "How Women and Men Use the Internet," reveals women are catching up to men in overall Internet use and framing their online experience with a greater emphasis on deepening connections with people. While Pew determined that men continue to pursue many Internet activities more intensively than women, and that men are still first out of the blocks in trying the latest technologies, women are making headway.

Re: Study: Men and Women Use Internet Differently
Posted by: Lythic 2005-12-31 11:58:28 In reply to: Jennier LeClaire
Please keep in mind that the differ purposes we're looking at here is as little as 6 % - 88% of men read e-mail compared with 94% of women. 50% of women seek do-it-yourself information, compared to 60% of men. How can the author possibly translate this to mean that women are use the web to nuture relationships and not to seek information?
From ECHIDNE OF THE SNAKES, Here are the actual percentage differences as found in the study:
-using e-mail*: women 94% men 88%
-seeking health information: women 74%, men 58%
-getting support for health problems: women 66% men 50%
-pursuing religious interests: women 34% men 25%
-checking the weather: women 75% men 82%
-reading the news: women 69% men 75%
-getting DIY information: women 50% men 60%
-checking sports scores: women 27% men 59%
-investigating products: women 75% men 82%
-downloading music: women 20% men 30%
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