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Re: Corel Improves a Classic
Posted by: John P. Mello Jr. 2005-12-27 10:26:36
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There are lots of software heavyweights in the digital imaging editing field -- sluggers such as Microsoft, Adobe and Ulead -- so it's a wonder that a fine program like Paint Shop Pro has continued to chug along over the years without being derailed as has been the case with so many worthwhile independents. However, the maker of PSP, Jasc Software, is independent no more. It was purchased a year ago by Corel, a Canadian company best known for its office suite products.

Re: Corel Improves a Classic
Posted by: Kagehi 2005-12-27 11:13:57 In reply to: John P. Mello Jr.
The problem here is that Corel doesn't seem to do graphics right. Why do I say that? Because they make the mistake, in their own words to me in an email, of assuming that IE is a better comparison than Photoshop, for *correct* image support. A while back and issue came up with using the Gamma feature in PNG files. Those of us working with the 3D graphics application POV-Ray use PNG because it has a) a reasonably compact size, b) no quality loss, unlike JPG, c) supports real transparency, where GIF only lets you pick a single color to be 100% transparent and d) it *should* display properly on any computer, since the gamma setting in the file provides information on what it was supposed to look like on the computer of the person that originally created it. The last bit is because while most displays are now made at a brightness of 2.2, some old ones are 1.0, others are 2.8, etc. To make the image look right you need to *brighten* or *dim* the colors in an image, so they are not too dark or bright when looking at them. The problem is that IE, Opera and others, which now apparently includes PSP X, incorrectly adjusts yellow. It may do that with *all* colors that have two components. For those that don't know what that means, lets say red was a value between 1-9, same for the rest. Pure red would be 9,0,0, green 0,9,0 and blue 0,0,9. Yellow is 9,9,0, since it contains both red and green. Now, lets say you have Red 1, which is 5,0,0 and Red 2, which is 7,0,0. If you load it into Photoshop, and there is Gamma information, it might say, "Increase these colors by 20%, to get the right color on your computer." This would make Red 1 = 6,0,0 and Red 2 = 8,0,0. Yellows (5,5,0 and 7,7,0) in Photoshop would become 6,6,0 and 8,8,0. In IE, Opera, and now PSP X, the *broken* code would produce 8,6,0 for *both* the darker and lighter yellows. This would produce a gold color that is a) not even in the same "set" of colors are the orignal, but is both too bright to be correct for the darker color and too dark to be correct for the lighter one. Its simply 100% *wrong*. But in their own words when I asked them about it, "I compared what I saw in Paintshop Pro X with what it looks like in IE, and they both look the same, so it must be working." Needless to say I might have been a tad less than civil when I sent a reply suggesting that only an idiot uses a product with known defective PNG support as a comparison, instead of a product that is actually in competition with them... I never heard back.
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