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Re: Intel Develops First Continuous Laser from Silicon
Posted by: Anonymous 2005-02-17 09:21:58
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Intel Corp. announced Thursday it had succeeded in using standard silicon manufacturing processes to create the world's first continuous wave silicon laser. The company said this was a breakthrough which could could cut the cost of optical networks and help make fiber as common as copper wires. Intel said the new technology had enormous impact because it could bring low-cost, high-quality lasers and optical devices to mainstream use in computing, communications and medical appliances.

Re: Intel Develops First Continuous Laser from Silicon
Posted by: Miroslav 2005-02-17 10:25:54 In reply to: Anonymous
Quote from article: 'The amplification, called the Raman effect, was more than 10,000 times stronger in silicon than in glass fibers, the company said.'
Raman effect is not an amplification effect, it is a non-linear optical behavior, much broader in scope than amplification. On the other hand, glass material is specifically selected for use in communication fiber because of its minimal non-linearities, a non-linear material would introduce unacceptable distortions and render communication link useless. Furthermore, glass fiber by itself is not an amplifier, so comparison between the two is quite pointless.
The quoted phrase is a scribe’s take on what Intel’s spokesman said and perhaps it should read something like this: 'The Raman effect based amplification in silicon, takes advantage of 100 dB (that is 10,000 times) higher non-linearities of that material, compared to glass fibers, which are as linear as they can possibly be made.’

Re: Intel Develops First Continuous Laser from Silicon
Posted by: grey_eminence 2005-02-17 09:23:35 In reply to: Anonymous
Atomic Holographic Optical Nanostorage on the market quicker due to invention like this.
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