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Re: FDA Launches Drug Safety Board
Posted by: Rita Rubin 2005-02-16 10:18:54
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Health and Human Services Secretary Michael Leavitt announced the creation Tuesday of a Drug Safety Oversight Board as part of the Food and Drug Administration's new "culture of openness." In recent months, the FDA, which is part of HHS, has been sharply criticized for not acting sooner on evidence that the arthritis drug Vioxx raised heart attack and stroke risk. Merck, the drug's maker, withdrew it Sept. 30. The Vioxx controversy fueled a debate about whether the FDA adequately monitors the safety of drugs once they hit the market.

Re: FDA Launches Drug Safety Board
Posted by: birddog 2005-02-16 10:51:50 In reply to: Rita Rubin
I don't think a drug safety board can be put together that is truely independent of any drug manufacturing co.Anyone appointed by a political figure that has received campaign money is tied to them,any medical figure that has received grants or contributions on their behalf is tied to them,anyone that the fda recomends is highly suspect because of the influence the drug company's have on the fda. Greed and need in the human life is an area that drug co. understand fully.And with the billions upon billions of dollars at their disposal merc and other drug co. feel the can swing most any mind set around to their way of thinking.No one seems to care about the number of people that have lost their lives or have been hurt by vioxx. No one in the FDA,THE GOV.,THE MEDIA,all they talk about is what it will cost merck what it will cost the gov.,what will happen if merck goes under,I want to know what about the lives that have been lost what about the lives that have been injured beyond repair,the gov. should be passing bills into laws to protect them and not merck.
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