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Re: New Technology Introduced To Curb DVD Piracy
Posted by: Anonymous 2005-02-16 10:10:41
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A Silicon Valley company unveiled Tuesday a new technology that it claims will block 97 percent of the DVD-copying software used by Internet pirates, without interfering with a DVD's playability or picture quality. Macrovision Corp. said its RipGuard system, which can be included in personal computers, DVD players and DVD recorders, would plug the digital hole through which unauthorized versions of DVD films can be easily copied on a computer and then burned to other discs or put online for downloading.

Re: New Technology Introduced To Curb DVD Piracy
Posted by: afeitarse 2005-02-16 11:48:04 In reply to: Anonymous
It sounds like their main argument for the effectiveness this copy protection is that it will stop the current ripping programs from working. Yes, the CURRENT ripping programs...oh, good job. It takes real talent to come up with an encoding scheme that stops programs not designed to break them. Let's just see how cocky they are when some dude in russia hacks through their flimsy protection in 48 hours.
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