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Re: JVC Develops Dual Blu-Ray-DVD Disc
Posted by: Anonymous 2004-12-29 11:52:13
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Victor Co. of Japan, better known as JVC, said Friday it has developed what it claims to be the world's first read-only disc capable of storing data in both the Blu-ray Disc format and the conventional DVD format. The new disc is intended to smooth a transition from DVDs to the next-generation disc. Its dual use was made possible by a special filter film that reflects blue laser beams, used to read Blu-ray data, while letting through red laser beams, used for DVD data.

Re: JVC Develops Dual Blu-Ray-DVD Disc
Posted by: grey_eminence 2004-12-29 13:01:23 In reply to: Anonymous
From Colossal Storage website.
Atomic Holographic Optical Storage Nanotechnology
will dramatically improve applications like 6,840 raw uncompressed high quality Video/TV hours, or 2,100,000 chest x-rays, or nearly 10,000,000 high-resolution images, or 30,000 four-drawer filing cabinets of documents, or 20,000 DVD'S Worm's , or 4,000 BLU-Ray Worm disk's on ONE 10 Terabyte 3.5 in. removable disc.
- It will have highest NLO analog / digital / optical capacity available
- will have lowest cost per gigabyte
- will have lowest power requirement per gigabyte
- will have longest archive shelf life of any data storage media, 100 years
- will have widest environmental conditions and tolerances
- will be only technology that scales from nano to macro solutions
- will have most reliable removable read / write media available
- will have highest bandwidth data transfer potential
- will be direct replacement for hard disk drives
- will NOT have storage media destroyed by Infrared, Visible, or Ultraviolet Light
- will NOT be effected by extreme high energy EMF or Cosmic Rays
i.e. Solar Flares and Solar Winds for Moon / Mars Exploration
- will be nuclear/cosmic radiation hardened capable
A 3.5 in. disk using 5 nm particle with 100 u in. coating = ~ 1.5 EXABYTES of data storage
1.5 Exabytes equals 1536 Petabytes or 1,572,865 Terabytes per each 100 u in. of coating.
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