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Re: The Bogus Protests of Biotechnology
Posted by: Sonia Arrison 2004-12-24 10:28:20
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It's not clear why the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) chose San Francisco, home of "Protesters R Us" and "Rent-a-Mob," for its annual convention this week. But one thing is for sure, the byproduct has been a measure of enlightenment, particularly concerning the protesters. These are 1960s re-enactors whose activities reveal more about their own contradictions than the merits or demerits of biotechnology. At the event this week, they showed up in far fewer numbers, in the low hundreds, a steep drop from the two to three thousand protesting last year in Sacramento.

Re: The Bogus Protests of Biotechnology
Posted by: Kagehi 2004-12-24 10:44:58 In reply to: Sonia Arrison
This isn't imho a big surprise. The original pro-environment movement got hijacked by anti-business groups a while ago. Maybe some of the real protesters finally woke up and realized they we being led by idiots... I do tend to agree with them though (to some degree) on intellectual property rights. After all, as a computer programmer, that *isn't* working for a multi-million dollar company, how the hell can I write software at all when any idiot that does have millions to back them can patent "scrolling in a window" or other *ideas* instead of tangible inventions. And if I did work for such a company, quess who would own 'my' intellectual property? Yep, not me, the company. We are headed for a world in which even basic ideas are held inviolate in perpetuity, so that even thinking about making anything new requires buying (or in the case of things like archival footage renting) rights to use it. Apparently the perfect capitalist system where you can't even have an idea of your own without someone holding out their hand and asing you to pay them for inventing a variation on an idea they already patented....
Just because these people are complete idiots doesn't mean that at least some of their paranoia isn't justified. lol
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