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Re: Explorer Finds 'Newborn' Galaxies
Posted by: Anonymous 2004-12-22 17:09:04
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NASA's Galaxy Evolution Explorer has discovered larger and younger than expected galaxies, researchers say. The NASA craft, launched in April 2003, found three dozen galaxies emitting ultraviolet light at levels that would indicate stars are still forming and supernovas are still exploding. The galaxies could be as close as 2 billion light years from Earth and may be as young as 100 million years, researchers said.

Re: Explorer Finds 'Newborn' Galaxies
Posted by: Sputnik_ca 2004-12-23 07:07:32 In reply to: Anonymous
Don't you really mean they were as young as 100 million years, 2 billion years ago? If they aren't any closer than 2 billion light-years, the light took that long to get here. The story doesn't quite make sense as written, it seems to imply the galaxies are actually younger than the distance light would have to travel. It confuses my simple brain.
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