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Re: O'Keefe's Exit May Save Hubble
Posted by: Robert Zimmerman 2004-12-16 15:41:02
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The timing of NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe's sudden announcement Monday that he was resigning from the space agency to return to the academic world suggests his reasons were more complicated than he stated in public. Moreover, despite the overall excellent job he has done, O'Keefe's exit from NASA possibly is the best thing that could have happened for human space flight, for the Hubble Space Telescope, and for the American space program itself.

Re: O'Keefe's Exit May Save Hubble
Posted by: Ballico_Stretch 2004-12-16 17:33:02 In reply to: Robert Zimmerman
Robert Zimmerman can be heard on 'The John Batchelor show' on WABC syndicated radio and streamed at:
when space related news is prevalent, i.e. SpaceShipOne, Hubble etc.
I'm a homebuilt flyer and flew the initial test 'hop' of my bird.
It Seems Mercury astronaut Donald K. (Deke) Slayton has the appropriate quote for Mr. O'Keefe's reluctance.
"There is no nice in-between milestone. You have to bite it off in one chunk. Deke Slayton
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