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Re: Nextel and Sprint: The Big Little Guy
Posted by: Steve Rosenbush 2004-12-15 12:35:01
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Faced with growing pressure to upgrade their networks and compete with larger rivals, Sprint and Nextel Communications are poised to join forces in a $35 billion takeover that will give the combined entity a value of around $70 billion. The deal is expected to be announced Dec. 15, in New York, according to a source familiar with the matter. The outlines of the agreement were reached earlier in the week. Sprint CEO Gary Forsee, a one-time BellSouth executive, is expected to be named CEO of the merged company.

Re: Nextel and Sprint: The Big Little Guy
Posted by: linux24 2004-12-15 13:33:34 In reply to: Steve Rosenbush
The author of this article is smoking crack if he thinks that Nextel can "upgrade" an iDEN network to CDMA in order to allow spectrum sharing with Sprint, and has no idea what that would involve.
First of all, all CDMA and GSM tests of Push-To-Talk services that replicate the iDen push-to-talk that is the mainstay of Nextel's business model have been successful yet. Verizon experimented with it briefly, and their tests resulted in horrible latency and delays of up to five seconds between calls.
In order to "upgrade" their network (and Nextel enthusiasts and telecommunications engineers would sneer and laugh at the idea that CDMA is an upgrade from iDen), they would have to replace basically ever antenna, switch, telecom middleware device on their network.
All of that, and Nextel still has the worst coverage area of any wireless carrier.
The merger of these two companies is fantastic news for Verizon, because Sprint will, in my opinion, utterly fail to absorb Nextel and make sense of their superior network technology (iDen is based on GSM, what Cingular/AT&T and T-Mobile use - the world standard) and _DOWNGRADE_ them to the lower voice quality, American stand-alone proprietary CDMA.
This will leave a weakened Sprint/Nextel ripe for a Verizon buy-out, and Cingular can then gobble up T-Mobile, and all phones are back in the hands of the baby bells once again.
And that's what's going to happen, and in order to know it, you have to know how these networks work, not just ask some guy who asks some guy.
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