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Re: PalmSource Buys into China and Linux
Posted by: Iain Thomson 2004-12-09 15:37:34
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PalmSource today promised a Linux version of its operating system, together with a cut-down offering for use in budget mobiles, after buying mobile phone developer China Mobilesoft. The move is designed to allow PalmSource to broaden its customer base by selling outside the relatively small smartphone market. The firm said that, as China Mobilesoft already has its software on 30 mobile devices, the acquisition doubles the number of PalmSource phone licensees.

Re: PalmSource Buys into China and Linux
Posted by: MikeCocke 2004-12-09 15:51:57 In reply to: Iain Thomson
I'll be sure and hold my breath. Palm hasn't even figured out that a linux version of the Pilot desktop software would be a credible sales booster and would cost a whole lot less. They're still stumbling around saying "Wha Hoppen?" after all this time... It's just inertia. If Sharp had a marketing department to match the design of the Zaurus, Palm would be closed already.

Re: PalmSource Buys into China and Linux
Posted by: linux24 2004-12-15 13:38:42 In reply to: MikeCocke
I agree the two Palm companies can't find their butts with flashlights. However, palm desktop software for linux already is a default load on most Linux desktops. Any distribution of KDE includes the mighty K-Pilot, which works fine.
PalmSource and PalmOne have bigger problems than that. They have yet to make their desktop software work on a harddrive that is not lettered C:\ in Windows, which causes those of us with partitioned mega-drives (most people these days) to not be able to install it without dropping to a command line.
They also have only recently figured out that the Palm Desktop is utterly useless, and that everyone is using Outlook who uses Windows, and no one wants Palm Desktop for anything at all, ever. Free outlook conduits finally exist, but don't work very good.
And forget about PalmOne's QA. Their have been three post-release updates to the hardware for the famous T3, which has screws that fall out, a useless task bar on the screen, and a sliding mechanism that makes no sense.
News for Palm: PDA's are dead. PDA's will be a feature on phones from now on, and stand-alone PDA's are finished forever.
And the Treo stinks, so PalmSource better figure something out fast, or M$ will own the PDA/Phone world.
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