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Re: US Scientists Claim Breakthrough in Hydrogen Fuel Research
Posted by: Ingrid Smith 2004-11-30 10:44:26
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U.S. scientists said yesterday they have made a breakthrough in their quest to make low-cost hydrogen, a technology which is key to finding new sources of energy to end U.S. dependence on foreign oil. President George Bush last year announced a US$1.2 billion plan to develop hydrogen-powered cars. Researchers from the government's Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory and the private company Ceramatec Inc. said a computer model shows they can theoretically separate hydrogen from hot water by using a nuclear reactor.

Re: US Scientists Claim Breakthrough in Hydrogen Fuel Research
Posted by: werhane 2004-11-30 15:32:36 In reply to: Ingrid Smith
Great idea! But I hate the fact that Big Government is needed to subsidize nuclear power - so first we'd better find a private insurance company willing to cover those reactors. And we'd better spend the money to build up the Homeland Security around those reactors to protect them from terrorists. But I don't want to pay higher taxes, so we'd better cut social services like Medicare. Oh, and I wouldn't want to live anywhere near a nuclear reactor or waste disposal site, even though our #1 military will protect them and I'm sure there aren't ever any accidents anymore. I also bet future Americans will be smart enough to figure out how to deal with the nuclear waste while it decomposes for the next 10000 years. Just because there were glaciers here 10000 years ago doesn't mean we can't prepare a totally secure site to deal with any possible natural or manmade disaster. And I'm sure people in the future will understand the messages we leave to keep them away from the nuclear waste, even though I don't understand any language other than English, let alone any languages spoken or written 10000 years ago. Yep, this sure is a great idea!

Re: US Scientists Claim Breakthrough in Hydrogen Fuel Research
Posted by: Kagehi 2004-11-30 10:57:43 In reply to: Ingrid Smith
Sigh.. If there was ever an example of the idiocy of the energy industry, this is it. Its more environmentally friendly to use a power source that a) produces toxic, non-reducible, lethal and virtually permanent waste products and b) could contaminate the stuff being made using it if anything goes wrong?!?! And somehow, the fact that they can make a bit more hydrogen fuel out of it is a great benefit, in spite of the potential disasters implied by the technology?!?! Yikes...
What we need to be doing is retrofitting existing homes and setting standards for new ones, that reduce the cost of their energy use by a significant amount. One house with the best tech of today in an area like Southern California or Arizona could provide power for most of the basic things like airconditioning and lights, not just for itself, but in the summer, for maybe 1-2 others. The energy use even in winter is far less. Why not reduce dependence on existing sources, then use some of the energy production from them to produce the hydrogen? No, instead Bush and the energy industry want to use even more dangerous sources, and relax controls on existing ones, in order to get maybe a 20% increase in production of an alternative fuel, but at the expense of an indeterminate increase of polution and/or toxic waste. Briliant!!
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