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Re: Microsoft Replays Monopoly Games
Posted by: Stephen Lynch 2004-10-19 05:45:53
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This week's release of a new media-focused version of Windows shows that, despite five years of antitrust battles, Microsoft plans to use its near-monopoly power to crush its rivals. In fact, the software giant is planning a range of "bundled" products in forthcoming versions of its ubiquitous operating system, sources said, each targeting competitors like Google, AOL, Apple, even TiVo.

Re: Microsoft Replays Monopoly Games
Posted by: piebald 2004-10-19 10:34:17 In reply to: Stephen Lynch
First, just a typo correction: Sun settled for $1.6 BILLION, plus a juicy cross-licensing agreement promising hundreds of millions more.
Regarding Mr. Lande's opinion that "If the Republicans win the election, there's not a chance [Microsoft]'ll be sued for anything. It's simply a question of philosophy." The DOJ gave MS a pass at a time when breaking them up might have caused major economic calamaties around the world. The stock market crash was already creating an economic downward spiral at the time, and if Mighty Microsoft's stock price had tanked, more wind would have been let out of the sails -- with capsizing not out of the question.
Microsoft has proven resistant to adhering to the few concessions required by the settlement. A private lawsuit ( ) has just turned up new evidence that Microsoft may have wilfully witheld evidence specifically requested by DOJ numerous times (and, under oath, lied about it). If that allegation bears out, it would be strong grounds for the DOJ to reopen the case, and even a Republican administration might be persuaded not to hinder it in the face of such atrocious disregard for the law. The world economy is much more robust now...
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