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Re: Vitamin Supplements Raise Risk of Early Death
Posted by: Syndication 2004-10-01 10:18:10
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Careless use of vitamins, taken by millions in the belief that they promote good health, could be causing thousands of premature deaths. A study investigating whether antioxidant vitamin supplements can prevent cancer found that rather than saving lives they seemed to increase overall risk of death. Although the effect was small, it amounted to 9,000 premature deaths among every million supplement users.

Re: Vitamin Supplements Raise Risk of Early Death
Posted by: suziqbyr 2004-10-01 10:41:57 In reply to: Syndication
There is always some other underlying cause of death when a supplement is blamed for it. The supplements have never been proven to be the cause of death and the fiqure of 9.000 deaths is not even good reporting or research. The AMA and big Pharma are always behind this type of reporting. Anything natural that works cuts into their pocket money and they are known for lying and getting supplement and herbs removed because of it. You should do better research before reporting this type of misinformaqtion. The chemical drugs and chemo and radiation are the biggest killers of the people but how often do you hear that reported? Never! Hospitals kill thousands every year but so what? It was probably the vitamins........... Such intelligence insulting the reportings do!

Re: Vitamin Supplements Raise Risk of Early Death
Posted by: EdBarbar 2004-10-18 19:57:58 In reply to: suziqbyr
Don't listen to this reckless idiot. The author of this note doesn't even know who funded the studies, but in an incredibly reckless fashion, reckless because this information may save lives, tries to convince you to ignore it with unfounded accusations.
If you follow the logic of what this person is saying, you may as well take Metabolife, which caused people to die. The CEO of this supplement manufactorer made millions of dollars off of this supplement that avoided FDA approval because it is an herbal supplement.
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