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Re: Necessity May Give Us a Virtual Court System
Posted by: Rob Enderle 2020-05-25 21:22:59
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One of the exciting things that came out of Microsoft Build during the analyst preview was that the company has been working to create virtual court solutions. If done right, a virtual system could fix a lot of court-related problems. It would allow judges to work around their schedules better and give attorneys improved access to online resources. It also might provide a way for jurors to improve their understanding by permitting them to do some research, although this could be especially problematic.

Re: Necessity May Give Us a Virtual Court System
Posted by: Just-the-facts-please 2020-05-26 08:40:05 In reply to: Rob Enderle
The sheer possibility and range of manipulation regarding words, images, audio/video is proof step one that virtual court proceedings is lacking in any authentic verification and extremely unfair to the rights of the 'people'.
It must not and cannot proceed to be called "fair to the people".

That step would and is likely INTENDED as the inevitable lead to online VOTING FOR ALL- for example, say the upcoming Presidential Election which is rife with fraud as it is...
As an informed individual who has actually lived for decades in Chicago, along with a few other American cities, I know from a personal experience that the dead there alone, have been voting usually in favor and for the DEMS, whenever an election is close.

NO TO ONLINE "JUSTICE" and especially "NO" TO ONLINE "VOTING"...for all.

The "convenience" of this pandemic at the start of a Presidential Election year speaks volumes and smells to high heaven.
PEOPLE wake up, before you're al through...

Consider the source of this softening of your mind and hearts in advance of the upcoming re-election of our President, as a tool dependably used by the SWAMP DEMS.

Re: Necessity May Give Us a Virtual Court System
Posted by: johnadams93 2020-05-26 16:13:18 In reply to: Just-the-facts-please
this will help serving justice to the people more efficiently than before i guess
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