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The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is now available to buy -- but the $999 price tag for its one-of-a-kind configuration may cause an internal struggle between want and need. Samsung introduced the high-end Chromebook early this year, positioning it as the flagship Chromebook to meet potential demand for a more useful and powerful multipurpose premium mobile device. The Galaxy Chromebook is an ultra premium 2-in-1 laptop running Google's Chrome OS. It ships with a durable aluminum body and the latest 10th Gen Intel Core i5 processor.

"Samsung Galaxy" usually has its top line peak product. Hopefully they might as usual have mid & low priced versions of these peak products.

Cost conscious users always have other brands & models to choose. When we old wise people need to assist our confused youngsters, which Chromebook do we suggest?

Chromebooks can have the power-hungry x86 Intel CPU. Or choose the power saving ARM CPU. With either CPU, large battery might assist with day long use. More than one USB-C port, allowing external hubs to be used is OK.

External hubs allow extra ports: USB, mSD or SD cards, HDMI, RJ12, 3.5mm, etc. Mine however have short cables, so may need extension cables.

Accidentally bought a compact netbook, with Intel I5 CPU. It runs Windows-10, heavy, expensive, power draining, hot, noisy (inbuilt fan) and therefore very impractical.

Now to buy a proper Chromebook. That runs Linux & Android.
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