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Re: Too Much Communication
Posted by: Peter Suciu 2017-03-28 13:55:10
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The world is a smaller place because we have so many ways to connect and communicate, but it has created a generation gap, a gap of classes and perhaps even a culture gap. This may seem like a serious contradiction; after all shouldn't more means of communication bring us closer together?
The obvious answer is yes, but unfortunately this is not the case -- in part because so many technology start-ups have tried to create the next way to connect with friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

Re: Too Much Communication
Posted by: micolas 2017-04-07 11:01:34 In reply to: Peter Suciu
Just send them a fax via googlefaxservice.com

Re: Too Much Communication
Posted by: jescott418 2017-03-29 13:24:39 In reply to: Peter Suciu
Two of my friends and I went out for pizza and talked about how technology has hurt young people in many ways. Sure the texting and snap chat stuff makes for instant gratification. You don't send a email and wait for response, or god forbid you write a letter and wait days for a response! But a few years back my daughter was at a basketball game and my wife and I saw several of her friends sitting on the bleachers texting. We said, who could they be texting they are all here. Well turns out kids don't talk to each other they text. Even sitting right next to each other. This eventually became a handicap for these young people as they knew very little about face to face communication. Interviews scared them, asking for help in person was uncomfortable. If they could text a interview they would be fine. Also asking any of them to call someone was not happening. Can't I just text them my daughter would ask. The end result of this is a disconnect between people, oh sure they are in contact sort of with one another in a immediate way of texting or social media. But they lack people skills that these tools don't teach. Human's need more that a electronic connection to feel connected to one another. Maybe this explains also why friends are far less committed these days too. More artificial and convenient than solid long lasting. Maybe this is a cycle that will eventually reverse itself and we will find that we have relied too much on technology for a social connection. Maybe we need to put down that smart phone sometimes and talk to the real people in front of us?
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