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Re: WikiLeaks Dumps CIA Hacking Docs Online
Posted by: John P. Mello Jr. 2017-03-08 12:05:36
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WikiLeaks on Tuesday dumped thousands of classified documents onto the Internet, exposing hacking programs used by the CIA. The torrent of data is just the first in a series of dumps WikLeaks is calling "Vault 7." This first installment includes 8,761 documents and files stolen from an isolated high-security network within the CIA's Center for Cyber Intelligence. This first batch of data introduces the scope and direction of the CIA's global covert hacking program, its malware arsenal, and dozens of zero-day product exploits, WikiLeaks claimed.

Re: WikiLeaks Dumps CIA Hacking Docs Online
Posted by: jescott418 2017-03-09 12:16:23 In reply to: John P. Mello Jr.
Nothing is more factual than our government is indeed using technology to spy and gather data on all of its citizens. I find it hard to believe anyone would be so naive as to think its not. Not only is WikiLeaks just exposing this to what we already know. But that to say this destroys our ability to spy on terrorists is disingenuous. Mostly because terrorists have also gotten smarter about communications and have most likely already taken steps to avoid detection abilities of the US. Let's also be honest here, the US intelligence is abysmal in keeping up with technology. Some agencies are using outdated hardware, easily hack able and its probably why they needed a blanket solution as they do to collect data. This is not a security group that can find a needle in one haystack. They need to gather all the hay from every farm and sift through it in order to find that needle, if they ever do. Yes, no doubt we need to stop the exposure of our security to the outside world. But we also must focus more on the bad guys and not everyone else. To gather data in such a large way usual ends up slowing down the ability to gather real evidence important to stopping threats. As much as its bad for Wikileaks to expose this, its also a reminder of how poorly our intelligence community is at protecting us.
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